Legal Prompts September – October 2014

Legal Prompts September – October 2014

This newsletter sets out the main amendments/news pertaining to enactments and case law for the above referenced period.

AGRICULTURE – Amendments to legislation / Law establishing regulatory measures for the market of agricultural products

COMPETITION – Order on the implementation of the Instructions for the amendment of the Instructions regarding the rules of access to the Competition Council’s file in the cases related to articles 5, 6, and 9 from the Competition Law no. 21/1996, articles 101 and 102 from the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, as well as in case of market concentrations, implemented by Order of Competition`s Council President no. 42/2011 / Order on the implementation of the Regulation for the amendment of the Regulation regarding market concentrations, implemented by Order of the Competition Council’s President of no. 385/2010

ENERGY & NATURAL RESOURCES – Amendment of electricity, natural gas and the petroleum laws / The establishment and functioning of committees for the settlement of disputes/disagreements regarding the access to networks/systems in the field of energy / Main validity terms concerning the license for operating the natural gas distribution system / Norms on the enforcement of provisions concerning the awarding procedures of concession agreements for the natural gas distribution public service / The sale/purchase of electricity traded on the centralized market for universal service / The natural gas distribution to nonhouseholders with the purpose of removing final regulated prices / Procedures for the final consumer when changing the electricity supplier / General terms of the license for electricity transportation service, for the service system and for the balance market management / The trading terms of natural gas delivery by the natural gas suppliers

REGULATORY & COMPLIANCE – State aid scheme for stimulating the investments with major economic impact / Law amending paragraph 5 of article 21 of Law 10/2001 on the legal regime of the properties abusively taken between March 6, 1945 and December 22, 1989, as well as for supplementing article 18 of Law 24/2007 on the regulation and administration of the green areas within localities / Law amending and supplementing Law no. 134/2010 on the Civil Procedure Code / Law on legal status of shares that are traded on the RASDAQ Market or on the unlisted securities market

TAX – Guidelines on the Fiscal Procedure Code

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